The Best Places to Buy Homes in Alberta and Saskatchewan

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Out of all of the provinces in Canada, AB and SK are two of the best places to make your home. Strong economies, beautiful nature, rising housing markets, and friendly locals make these two places great locations for buying a home using a first or second mortgage.

Even though much of the area of these provinces is rural, there are still some great cities both small and large where you can make your purchase. These are the best places to buy homes in Alberta and Saskatchewan, so you should look here first before anywhere else.

#1. Calgary

The largest city in the province of Alberta, this flourishing cosmopolitan metropolis is home to over a million people. With a diverse economy, a large corporate base, thriving culture and arts scene, and lots of entertainment options, this city just east of the Canadian Rockies, is a great place to make your home. Not only for these reasons, but also because of housing. With a great ratio of average home price to wages, high appreciation in value, and a low unemployment rate, Alberta’s cultural center is the place to be if you are looking for great value, and a great city.

#2 Edmonton

The second largest city in Alberta, and the capital of the province. This center of government has roughly 850,000 people. “Canada’s Festival City” is also home to North America’s largest mall, as well as ample employment opportunities. It is a major center for the oil and gas industries, meaning that the economy is very stable at this point in time. On top of employment, there are plenty of indoor and outdoor entertainment options. The average home price is lower than in Calgary, but the appreciation in value is still high. Not only that, but the unemployment rate is incredibly low.

#3 Regina

The capital of Saskatchewan, and the commercial and cultural center of the southern part of the province, Regina was named one of Canada’s best mid-sized cities. It has a great standard of living, and outdoor culture to go along with its ample employment opportunities. If you are looking for a smaller city that still has a bigger city flair, then you have found the right place. With around 250,000 people, Regina is much smaller than the other two metropolitan cities on this list, but still has a lot of great things to do. The average home price compared to average salary ratio here is quite high, and homes appreciate in value at a high rate. The unemployment rate is below 3%, which is a minor miracle. There is no better place to go for young professionals or families.

These two provinces are the geographical and metaphorical heart of the nation. They connect east and west, and make up the backbone of some of the most important sectors of our nation’s economy.

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