Second Mortgage Debt Consolidation

Posted on: January 6th, 2014 by firstandsecondmortgages No Comments

Second mortgage debt consolidation is a common practice these days. Maybe people have taken out too many credit cards with high interest and credit limits. Before they know it they owe thousands of dollars in principle and worse are being charged hundreds of dollars every month in interest.

To get out of this never ending cycle of debt many people choose second mortgage debt consolidation. To do this a lender like First and Second Mortgages will review the value of your home against whatever the size of the first mortgage is, plus any other additional loans which have been taken out using the house or property as security.

We can then quickly extend a second mortgage on the house and get you cash to pay off those credit cards. We’re not concerned with how many credit cards you need to pay off, how much money you owe, or even what your credit history has been like in paying them in the past. If you have property with equity in it and want to save money through second mortgage debt consolidation then we can help you.

A second mortgage debt consolidation can be a financial life saver. Your second mortgage in Canada is just a phone call away. Call First and Second Mortgages at 1-866-405-1228 and get started now.

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