Should I Refinance

If you’re asking yourself “should I refinance” then you likely have some pressing financial issues which need to be addressed. The longer you leave those and do not deal with them, the worse they are going to become.

There are a number of reasons why someone would consider refinancing their mortgage. If you have been thinking “should I refinance” here … Continue reading

Second Mortgage Debt Consolidation

Second mortgage debt consolidation is a common practice these days. Maybe people have taken out too many credit cards with high interest and credit limits. Before they know it they owe thousands of dollars in principle and worse are being charged hundreds of dollars every month in interest.

To get out of this never ending cycle of debt many people … Continue reading


Remortgaging, in the simplest terms, is taking out a new mortgage and using the proceeds to completely pay off the existing mortgage. While this may not seem like it provides any benefit to the borrower there are in fact some very good reasons why you should consider remortgaging:

Debt Consolidation This is the most common reason people look for remortgaging … Continue reading

What Mortgage Can I Afford

Taking out a mortgage is a confusing a stressful time. One of the first questions you need to answer is “what mortgage can I afford”? There are a number of different variables that you need to keep in mind when planning how much of a mortgage you can afford:

Annual household income is the most important factor. But it’s more … Continue reading

What is a Mortgage

What is a mortgage? For a first time home buyer there are so many things to consider. But first and foremost you need to understand exactly what it is you’re signing up for when you take out a mortgage.

Basically a mortgage is a loan secured against property. In exchange for the money that the prospective home buyer uses to … Continue reading

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