Important Mortgage Terms Explained

When you come to us looking for a first or second mortgage, there is going to be a lot of industry jargon that you will need to know. We will certainly do everything we can to make sure that you understand everything, and will make things as convenient for you as possible. Still, we want to explain some very important … Continue reading

Tips on Refinancing Your Mortgage

People choose to refinance their mortgage for many reasons. They may be looking to raise some money for some home improvements, to consolidate other loans and credit cards, or they may even need to prevent foreclosure on their property.

If you have bad credit, it can sometimes be difficult to find a lender that would consider your application for a … Continue reading

Tips for Scoring the Best Deal on Your Canadian Mortgage in 2015

When you’re getting ready to invest in a new home, you don’t want to be burdened by your mortgage, and you don’t want to feel like you’re being treated unfairly by a lending institution either. Often, the best choices are to pick someone you know and trust to get the best deals, but you never actually know what your options … Continue reading

The Best Places to Buy Homes in Alberta and Saskatchewan

Out of all of the provinces in Canada, AB and SK are two of the best places to make your home. Strong economies, beautiful nature, rising housing markets, and friendly locals make these two places great locations for buying a home using a first or second mortgage.

Even though much of the area of these provinces is rural, there are … Continue reading

What kind of Mortgage can you afford in Alberta and Saskatchewan these days?

The days where mortgages were 20 times a person’s income, and you could refinance nearly 100% of a home’s equity are a thing of the past. There is a new mortgage landscape out there. Salaries, job prospects, confidence, legislation, and property prices have all contributed greatly to the changing scenery of the mortgage world. A lot of people just think … Continue reading

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