How to Prevent Foreclosures

First and Second Mortgage helps homeowners understand the foreclosure process and explain the strategies they can adopt and utilize to stop the foreclosure and save their homes.

First and most importantly you have to understand that you are not alone. Foreclosures affect all kinds of people and all kinds of properties. Like many people faced with foreclosure, you may feel helpless, hopeless and resigned to giving up your house without trying to save it.

First and Second Mortgage has been helping homeowners defend foreclosures in Canada for more than a decade. By arming our customers with essential information and forms, First and Second mortgages hopes to leave our client’s feeling empowered instead of helpless and hopeless.

For people behind on their mortgages and facing possible default and loss of their homes to foreclosure, there is still hope. No matter how far you are behind in your payments, the size of your mortgage debt or your credit history, we have mortgage foreclosure solutions for you.

A First and Second Mortgage broker to fully explore the pros and cons of your available mortgage options. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our mortgage specialists today. 403-543-0927 – 18664051228


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